Friday, February 20, 2015

                                          Triple Threat
                                                                      H. L. Wegley
 Brilliant, beautiful, 21-year-old Katie Brandt, PhD candidate and woman of faith, detects a deadly conspiracy. Suspecting it's only the tip of an iceberg, she dives in, pulling fellow grad student, Joshua West, with her into a high-risk investigation of a cyber-terrorist plot. Damaged by the foster-care system, Katie takes huge risks to win acceptance and love. But when she risks Josh’s life, an agnostic, who isn’t prepared to die, she fears her mistake might have eternal consequences for Josh, a mistake that could break Katie's heart, a heart rapidly falling for Josh.
Will Katie and Josh survive the investigation? If they do, can they ever span the chasm of divergent worldviews that separates them? How can they awaken a dozing nation to a three-pronged danger that threatens its very existence?
Triple Threat, an adventure that spans the Pacific Northwest from the shores of the Olympic Peninsula to the mountains of Whistler, BC, a conspiracy you might read in tomorrow's paper, but pray you never will.
Triple Threat excerpt:
Her cell started playing an old song about a secret agent with a number instead of a name. “It’s Agent Peterson, calling from his cell this time.” She opened her phone.
“I thought you said all his calls were blocked. How did you hack your phone to key on a blocked number and play that secret—”
“Don’t ask, Josh. If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.” She hit the speakerphone.
“Are you two OK?” Peterson’s voice. Even the tinny cell speakers couldn’t remove his deep voice of authority.
“Three shots fired at us. All missed. We’re OK.”
“Katie, the Mounties spotted the shooters and are chasing them on the mountain. I shudder to even ask this, but do you know where they were staying in Whistler?”
“The Pinnacle Hotel, room 207.”
“Thanks, Katie. I’ll let the police up there know. I’m climbing into a chopper as we speak. The Mounties will reel you two in now and watch you until I arrive in a little over an hour. You behave until then, young lady, or I’ll think of some reason to arrest you. Do you understand?”
“She understands,” Josh yelled at her cell phone. “I’ll watch her, Peterson.”
“The voice of reason. Must be Joshua West.”
She moved the cell away from Josh. “That’s not fair. Two big men ganging up on one—”
“One mean ninja babe,” Josh yelled.
“You got that right,” Peterson replied.
The gondola lurched, and then began moving toward the terminal.
Katie brought her cell to her mouth. “They’re reeling us in now. One big sucker and an angelfish.”
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H. L. Wegley has been a USAF Intelligence Analyst and a Weather Officer, performed weather research, and published in the scientific literature. After earning an advanced Computer-Science degree, he developed computing systems for 20+ years, then retired to write. He has a contracted 4-book, Christian-thriller-series with Pelican Book Group. The 4th book releases in November 2014. He’s currently finishing his 8th novel, a political thriller.
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