Thursday, January 29, 2015



Braxton DeGarmo

The press calls “him” the L.A. Rapist, a misnomer in all ways for this serial assailant whose attacks on legal assistants leaves them in a vegetative state. Now, the deaths of two prominent medical malpractice attorneys have put authorities in an uproar and detective Lynch Culley is under extreme pressure to find the perpetrators. Or should that be singular? Has the L.A. Rapist upped “his” game? 

 Amy Gibbs, RN is a newly recruited med-evac flight nurse who left the E.D. and its stress behind, along with memories of a certain detective who “dumped” her. On one fateful call, she hears the deathbed confession of a man who police are seeking as a person of interest, perhaps the killer’s accomplice. Within hours, the lives of Amy Gibbs and detective Lynch Cully again intertwine in a story that unravels a web of identity theft, electronic eavesdropping, and stalking amid a confusion of identities.
Braxton DeGarmo, MD is a retired Emergency Medicine physician and ex-military Flight Surgeon who lives in Ferguson, MO with his wife and garden. Yes, that Ferguson. He is the author of "true-life" Christian fiction, whose titles include: “The Militant Genome,” “Indebted,” “Looks that Deceive,”  “Rescued and Remembered,” and “The Silenced Shooter.” You can learn more about him at, or on Facebook at He also tweets from @braxtondegarmo.


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