Saturday, June 21, 2014


                       Moon Over Maalaea Bay


                                                                        H. L. Wegley

In an instant the Maui honeymoon of Lee's dreams morphs to a nightmare when Jennifer disappears on their wedding night. Were the abductors the trafficking ring Jennifer crippled or does an even a more sinister organization want her for other purposes.

With the clock ticking toward Jennifer's impending sale, Lee, accompanied by their fifteen-year-old foster daughter, Katie, and Jennifer's grandfather, begins his own search of the island. As the search by Lee and the authorities intensifies, he fears beautiful Katie might end up in the crosshairs of the traffickers.

Can Lee save both his bride and his future daughter? What if he has to make a choice? If Jennifer is sold, could she kill herself to avoid a life filled with degradation and horror? If she did, would God forgive her?
H. L. Wegley served in the USAF as an Intelligence Analyst and a Weather Officer. In civilian life he performed research in atmospheric physics. After earning an MS in Computer Science, he worked 20+ years in systems development at Boeing before retiring near Seattle, where he and his wife of 48 years enjoy small-group ministry, grandchildren, hiking on the Olympic Peninsula, snorkeling Maui whenever possible, and where he writes inspirational thrillers and romantic suspense novels. He is currently starting his 9th novel.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

What readers are saying about
Dead Ringer . . .


I am an avid reader of suspense novels and I can truthfully say that I can't remember a more totally absorbing story than Dead Ringer.. The characters are near perfect. The author has such a gift of depicting true love and other emotions while spinning a suspense packed story. Thank you for sharing your talent”



What a great story! Every free moment I had, my nose was in this story. I couldn't put it down.  From Mercy's abduction to her exoneration, this is a story with so many unexpected twists and turns it will keep you hanging on right to the end! And come meet the characters...from Thomas, the misguided, but loving father, to Fergus, the inflexible, stubborn Scotsman, to Daniel, the sweetest, bravest little boy you'll ever meet.

Don't miss this one! It's a treasure!