Friday, April 11, 2014

Works of Darkness
V. B. Tenery

WORKS OF DARKNESS, an Inspirational Romantic Suspense available on Kindle
($ .99).  Read the first three chapters on website:

Sample Reviews from Amazon:

“Wow! V.B.Tenery has not only written a wonderful story full of indecipherable twists and turns, but this is the first romantic suspense book I can remember reading where I have felt like it's also been very plausible in the action. Global Optics is bought out by another company, and Sara Bradford narrowly escapes death in the company warehouse after packing her belongings. Someone is out to hurt Sara. About this time, bones of a six year old girl are found from a murder committed 25 years previously...and Sara was one of the last to see the girl, Penny, alive. Police Chief Matt Foley begins to question Sara, but still believes she holds the answers to her husband's prior hit-and-run death. How all three cases come together and whether Sara can hope for police protection from someone who believes her capable of murder makes for an amazing story!”

“WOW! Supberb thriller! The suspense will keep your interest from the first chapter on. Very well written. This is a must read. I will definitely recommend it to all of my friends.”

“The unexpected twists kept me guessing right up to the end. I always feel smug when I have the villain pegged before the reveal. But V.B. Tenery had me thinking it was someone else up to the very moment the villain's name was revealed. The story held my attention and in my opinion it deserves all five stars.”

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