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DiAnn Hunt

November 29, 2013

‘I will live this life that God has given me with gusto, not wasting a single moment but using it as He intended. And when my journey here is over, I plan to skid into Glory with a smile on my face, a Bible in one hand, a chocolate truffle in the other, and I will yell at the top of my lungs: Daddy, I’m home.”
                                              -DiAnn Hunt from her novel, Hot Flashes and Cold Cream

Patricia “Diann” Hunt, beloved novelist, passed away on Friday, Nov. 29, 2013, following a long, heroically-fought battle with cancer. She was 58.  Diann was the accomplished author of 25 books. A Hallmark Channel film adaptation of her novel For Better or For Worse will air July 12, 2014.
I never knew DiAnn personally. Her reputation as a multi-published author was well known, but sadly I only became aware of her after leaning of her battle with cancer. She was one of my Facebook friends and I saw her posts almost daily over the last year of her life. One particular post touched me. On the day she apparently got the news she was losing the battle with the disease she seemed more sadden about the doctor who had to deliver the bad news than about the message itself. Dourageous to the end, she spoke often of her close relationship with her Lord and how He was there with her through the rough nights. I’m confident Jesus took her hand as she entered the Gates and said. “Come, let me show you around.”

Go to DiAnn’s author page on Amazon to find a list of her novels and celebrate the great writing legacy she leaves behind.  Below is an example.

Hot Flashes and Cold Cream
DiAnn Hunt

An eccentric best friend, a leaky Chihuahua, a teenager in trouble, and a workaholic husband with a gorgeous new colleague. Those are the ingredients for Diann Hunt's wise and funny story about growing...well, older...with grace.
Midlife isn't a crisis for Maggie Hayden until the day a former classmate fails to recognize her--and her world starts to spin out of control. With an empty nest, a body that's heading south (generating heat waves all the way), and a marital spark that seems to be sputtering, she knows she has to do something. But what? Exercise? Romantic dinners? Herbal supplements? A job? She tries them all, with mixed success-but nothing seems to squelch that underlying worry that her best days are behind her.

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  1. I think she will be best remembered by the lives she changed. I'm one.