Friday, May 25, 2012

New Release

Next Target


      Nikki Arana

Released June, 2012

Would You Share Your Faith If It Would Cost You Your Life?

It only took one bullet. Austia's friend and student fell dead. And with a glimpse of a newspaper headline, the young and recently widowed Austia knows more about what happened than the police. From that fatal night, Austia’s secret outreach to the U.S. Muslim community in the guise of English language classes,becomes a target. Local Muslim extremists set their sights on ending her ministry and even her life. And the women she ministers to will be next. A thick web of deceit closes in around Austia, and her circle of friends becomes smaller by the day, even as she finally opens herself to the idea of falling in love again. But who can she trust? Facing a spiritual battle that proves more treacherous than it at first seemed, Austia’s convictions are tested to their limits and her heart becomes primed for breaking. She must ask herself: how much she will risk to stay true to her herself, her faith, and to the lives of the women she serves?

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Nikki Arana is an award-winning author of women’s fiction, suspense, essays, poetry, and magazine articles whose work has been published in the United States and Canada. She has won numerous national awards, including the American Christian Fiction Book of the Year for Women's Fiction, the Beacon Award, the Excellence in Media Silver Angel Award, the Write Touch Readers Award, and others. Her book, The Winds of Sonoma was named One of the Top 20 Books of the Year by All of her books deal with social, political, and spiritual issues that confront society today.

Nikki is also the recipient of the Jessie Cameron Alison Writer of the Year Award and the Idaho State Writer of the Year Award. Her 5th, and first non-fiction book, Through the Eyes of Christ: How to lead Muslims to the Kingdom of God, was recently released. Her 6th book, The Next Target, was recently sold in a two book deal with a major publisher.


  1. Thank you for posting this information about my new release. I would like to know your follower's thoughts on the tagline of this novel. Would you share your faith if it would cost you your life?

  2. This book is incredibly relevant to our world today. Looking forward to reading it, Nikki.

  3. Kathy, thank you for that encouragement. It is transformational fiction. I hope it is received favorably by many.

    1. It's a hard choice, Nikki, but I think as Christians we're called to acknowledge our faith whatever the circumstances. Missionaries have been doing it for centuries.