Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Release

Murder a Coppella

    Jim Callan and Diane Bailey

Murder a Cappella is set in the world of Sweet Adelines, women who sing barbershop harmony.

The international singing competition in San Antonio starts with a bang. Actually, it starts with two bangs - one for each woman gunned down in front of the Alamo. Tina Overton, a member of the same chorus, takes the murders personally, and vows to find out what happened.

With the help of Angela - her roommate, "deputy," and fellow chair of the costume committee - Tina goes behind the sequins to expose a sinister side of some who live for Sweet Adelines. While facing hemline emergencies and enduring hotel coffee, Tina sifts through catty gossip and dissects covert romances in search of motive and opportunity. What she finds goes to the heart of Sweet Adelines. And when she won’t accept the easy answer, she becomes the next target.

Murder a Cappella, from Wayside Press, an imprint of Written World Communications.
here is a link to the trailer for Murder a Cappella.


  1. I love this period in history, and the premise sounds interesting. I may download this book soon. Blessings!


    1. Thanks Sybil:

      I know the authors will appreciate your interest.

      V. B.

  2. Thanks, V.B. for the very nice review. We're excited over all the good comments we're getting on Murder a Cappella.
    Jim Callan