Friday, February 17, 2012

New Release

Blue Moon Bay


        Lisa Wingate

(Release date:  February 2012)

For Seattle architect Heather Hampton, a trip back to tiny Moses Lake, Texas is hardly in the plan. But when her chance to achieve Project Manager status hinges on the sale of the family farmland to giant Proxica Foods, Heather finds herself headed to the last place she ever wanted to go. If Heather has her way, she’ll be in and out of Texas in a day--with the real estate contracts properly signed.
But the currents of Moses Lake take visitors on unexpected journeys. Heather’s visit soon morphs into Valentine’s week in the rambling family funeral home, with a family steeped in secrets, and the local banker, Blaine Underhill, who seems intent on stalling Heather’s project. As secrets are held and revealed, Heather can’t help but wonder if the handsome banker, and the family she has come to know again, are crooks or crusaders. Somehow she must find out the truth before she loses everything she has worked for and everything she's found on the shores of Moses Lake.

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