Monday, January 30, 2012

Who’s a Nominee for The Irresistibly Sweet Blog
Award?  Just little ol’ me, that’s who.

The nomination came from the irepressible, sassy, and slim (she made me say that) redhead, Nike Chillemi, author of Burning Hearts, and her Christmas release, Goodbye Noel. She thinks murder and mayhem are sweet. What can I tell you?

The rules for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award are that nominees thank the person who nominated them, nominate at least ten other blogs and contact them to let them know, share seven random things about yourself/your blog. Here goes…

My Ten Nominees for the Sweetest Blog Award in no Particulr Order …

1. Kay Dawn Byrd. K. Dawn Byrd, Author offers a little bit of everything for the writer.

2. Lee Carver- Truth In Fiction
Tips on epublishing and everything writer related.

3. Deborah K. Anderson- Faith, Fiction and Unvarnished Truth. Her title says it all.

4. Sylvia A. Nash- Past and Present, highlighting suspense/ mysteries suspended in time.

5. Deborah Vogel - Country at Heart. Deborah’s blog features book reviews and giveaways.

6. Laura Hilton - Lighthouse Academy features book reviews and giveaways.

7. Rita Gerlach- -Stepping Stones for Readers.
New book reviews and letters to readers from authors.

8. Max Elliot Anderson - Books for Boys, Max writes and features action-adventure stories especially for boys.

9. Salena Storm -
Novels that Stir the Soul and Glorify HIS name! She highlights clean, wholesome, Christian books

10. Lillian Duncan- –Tiaras and Tennis Shoes-stories of faith…mingled with murder & mayhem.

Seven Things About Me:

1. My greatest and most satisfing accomplishment in life is my family.

2. I love to cook exotic resipes from other countries.

3. I’ve written a Christmas song that was performed by my church choir last Christmas. Almost as exciting as getting my first short story published.

4. I sing with a traveling women’s choir group called Trinity.

5. I am a passionate political activist hoping to turn our country back to its faith roots and The Constitution one neighborhood at a time.

6. I’m so low tech, I  use an abacus.

7. I once won a Bronze Medal in a state ballroom dancing contest for . . . are you ready for this, . . . the Tango


  1. Thanks for the award! I appreciate it and will be sure to pass it on!

  2. Thanks so much, V. I appreciate you!

    Hey, if we ever meet up for that food fight, you'll have to show me how to Tango. :-)

  3. Enjoyed reading your intersting unknown things :) Congrats on the award. Blessings, BJ Robinsn

  4. VB, I'm sooooo glad that finally someone appreciates my, ah hem, "slimness." Slim is an attitude, after all.

    Great blog you have here.