Friday, January 20, 2012

New Release

   The Attaché
     David Bond

Zack Brenner loses his sight after a mortar attack by insurgents in Iraq, but blindness is only one of his troubles. The image of a woman seared into Zack’s memory before he lost his sight seems lost to him forever. He returns home to a failing family business, a struggle to become self-reliance, and the girl in his memory in love with someone else.

Jessie Weaver narrowly escapes the North Tower on 9/11, and she owes her life to a handsome, mischievous man, and his tattered attaché. But when she takes a job working for his family business, now owned and managed by his blinded brother Zach, she must come face to face with an internal struggle of loyalties.

A long buried family secret and a madman threaten the financial security and the very lives of Zack and the woman he cares for more than he can admit, even to himself. Overcoming the obstacles fate placed in his path will take a faith deeper than Zack has ever known.

E-book now available from Desert Breeze Publishing, Amazon, or Barnes and Nobel

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  1. A good read. Intriguing characters.

    Love the cover.

  2. Wow! The cover is absolutely stunning!

  3. Looks very interesting. Would like to check it out. Thanks for the review.