Friday, September 9, 2011

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Weapons for Writers

by Wendy Piper Rome and Mark Pfeiffer

October 3 - 28

Fee: Non-Members $25; Elements Member $15
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Law enforcement officers, members of the military, hunters, civilians, good guys,bad guys - writers put weapons in the hands of all sorts of characters. But do they 'get it right' in their manuscripts?

Which weapon should your hero carry? Would he carry a back-up pistol? Should he? A knife? What kind of knife? How about your heroine? Could she carry a .45? A .357 or .40? Maybe a 9mm? What's the difference between a revolver and a semi-automatic? What are some of the different types of ammo? Does it matter in your manuscript? How do hunting rifles and ammo differ from military and civilian ones? What is the realistic range of the rifle your military hero is using? Is there a rifle with greater range that you could put in his hands instead? What kinds of weapons should you give your law enforcement hero? Can your villain hit your hero by shooting through ten feet of water? Where can you find information that will help you develop accurate weapon scenes?

In Weapons for Writers, you'll learn the answers to these and many more questions. Mark Pfeiffer and Piper Rome will teach you how to choose the appropriate weapons for your characters and develop details that make your weapon scenes believable. If you've been using Hollywood and the media as points of reference, beware. They often get it wrong. This course will arm you with the facts and research sources you need to make your confrontation scenes accurate. Your confident inner muse can then make those scenes dynamic and exciting.

This is an online workshops and classes are conducted via email loops. The deadline to register for all classes is the 7th day before the start of the workshop unless otherwise noted. (All fees are in U S Dollars only.)

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