Friday, February 25, 2011

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Coffin Classes - Kiss of Death
Murder One – March 1-31
Title: Historical Forensics
Instructor: D.P. Lyle, MD
Class Description:

Today we're all familiar with the marvels of CSI, whether from reading mysteries or true crime or watching television programs and movies. But all these ways to pin the crime -- and the criminal -- down had to start somewhere! So where and when did it all begin? And what sorts of things were early forensic investigators able to do?

This class will cover the late 19th and early 20th centuries, an era that gave birth to so many forensic techniques: fingerprints, blood typing, firearm's examinations, toxicology, and the expansion of the autopsy into the forensic arena. This will give the writer of historical fiction the accurate information needed and will give all crime writers a firm foundation for understanding the world of modern forensics.

Dr. Doug Lyle, M.D. will lay the historic groundwork in March 2011's Murder One workshop, HISTORICAL FORENSICS.

Instructor Bio: The author of FORENSICS FOR DUMMIES, which won the Macavity Award and was nominated for an Edgar in 2005, Doug writes thrillers (Devil's Playground, Double Blind and Stress Fracture) as well as crime scene non-fiction, and has worked with writers on television shows such as Law and Order, CSI: Miami, Monk, House, and others.

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